Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deaf Lost to AIDS

At the DeafAIDS website seven more names were added for 2009. People are living longer and healthier lives but AIDS continues to kill people we love. May they rest in peace.


Blogger Kimilee Steinmiller RN said...

I am writing a research paper for my nursing graduate program. We were asked to write a paper on health within a particular culture. Since I am self taught ASL and usually am asked to treat those patients that are Deaf, I chose them as my culture. Is it possible that I could speak with you directly? You were cited in the book that I am using as my primary source, and I think you could help me get a more personal point across. This project will be presented to my cohorts and would serve to help educate nurses in my area. My email is I am also on Facebook as Kimilee Steinmiller.

Kimilee Steinmiller RN
Toledo, Ohio

9:45 PM  

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