Thursday, July 22, 2010

AIDS Information (Explicit)

Reposting this basic AIDS information:

This is adapted from a pamphlet by AIDS Initiative for Deaf Services (A.I.D.S). No words have been changed. Pictures were added by me.


You can get HIV by:

* Sex (IC) no condom (rubber)
* Share needles and shots
* Blood to blood touch
* From a mother to her unborn baby during pregnancy, birth or breast feeding.

Body fluids of a person with HIV can spread HIV:
* Semen (sperm)
* Blood
* Vaginal Fluids
* Breast Milk

You CAN'T get HIV by:
Shaking Hands
Toilet Seats
Coughs or Sneezes
Being around an infected person
Sweat or Tears
Drinking Fountains
Swimming Pools
Sharing Eating Utensils
Mosquito Bites

The best ways to stop HIV
* No touch with person's blood, sperm or vaginal fluids
* No share needles and shots
* No use drugs or alcohol (beer/wine) because you can forget safety.

Way to be safer if you have sex
* Must use a latex condom (rubber) for vaginal (with woman) sex, for anal sex or oral (mouth) sex.
* Must use a dental dam, plastic wrap or condom (rubber) cut to lie flat for mouth to vagina touch or mouth to anus touch.
* Must use hand gloves or finger gloves when touching body fluids.

How to use a condom (rubber):

* Use condom--must "latex" best name. No other names.
* Keep condoms in cool, dry place. No good in your wallet or car.
* Must use condom first then sex.
* NO let condom slip off during sex.
* Use water-based lubricant (K-Y Jelly, Astroglide). NO Vaseline or baby oil.
* No use broken/hole condom.
* Finish sex, throw condom out. No save.

Needles and Shots
* People use shots for drugs, tattoos and piercings.
* No share/give shots to other person. Use new shots.
* No use dirty shots.
* Dirty shots MUST clean (see below).

How to clean shots
* Wash shots with clean water 3 times.
* Use bleach (Clorox) 3 times for shots. Clean shots in bleach for 30 seconds (time).
* Again, clean shot with clean water.

Talk about it...
You don't need to be alone. Talking with counselors, teachers and health professionals about HIV very important. You can also call private CDC National STD and AIDS Hotline at 1-800-243-7889 (TTY). You may feel uncomfortable or funny, but that is ok. It is cool to talk. If you have any questions, ask. Many people happy to help!

Have HIV???
Get Tested!

Many places have FREE and anonymous HIV testing. Anonymous means you don't tell your name. Ask counselor what test answers mean. ALWAYS ask for interpreting services. Agencies are required by law to provide interpreting services.

If you have questions or need to talk, call the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired at (860) 561-0196 (V/TDD)

For more information visit the CDC website at

Sponsored by AIDS Initiate for Deaf Services (A.I.D.S)


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I like this post a lot. Hopefully people who are being careless will read this. Also, I hope that people who are shunning people with AIDS from society will read this.

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