Thursday, May 10, 2012

AIDS 2012 in Washington DC!

Getting back in blogging mode for the AIDS 2012 conference in Washington DC, July 23-27 2012. We are gearing up for lots of great events at the Deaf & Disability Zone in the AIDS Global Village.  The Global Village is the a community space open to the public and a great place to see all the work small organizations from around the world are doing.  There will be shows, exhibits and lots of free condoms available from morning to evening all days of the conference.

I have some great pictures from the AIDS 2010 in Vienna that I hope to post shortly--it seems just like yesterday.

Hope to see you all in DC.  We are planning both a networking session for professionals  who work on HIV/AIDS issues and a Deaf community outreach event one of the evenings of the conference.  Will let you know details as soon as I know!

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